A Story Worth Sharing


What story do I have that can teach others?


Do Grade 5 students have life stories worth sharing? Absolutely! God writes a unique story in each of our lives, and students will explore the lessons in their lives and the lives of their elders. Students will learn about life lessons others have learned by reading fables, parables, First Nations stories, as well as hear from high school students and/or seniors in the community. Ultimately, they will share one valuable lesson or defining moment with younger students through the creation of a picture book that tells their story through an analogy.


Students will have an opportunity to connect with both younger and older students and elders in the community and to transform and be transformed through the lessons that are shared through these stories. They will hear examples of the experiences and small lessons that God has planted in the lives of others and introspect on how God has already been working in their young lives to shape and mold them into who they are today.

Intermediate (4-5)
Language Arts