From Tutankhamun To Trump


What would the leaders of the past say to the leaders of today?


Term 1: Students’ will be challenged to choose and research an influential historical figure from an applicable time period (Grade 7: Ancient times-7th century, Grade 8: 7th century to 1750). Their goal for the term will be to create a presentation, in character and costume, arguing that their historical figure is the most influential person in history.


Term 2: Students will be challenged to identify an issue where they would like to see change. They will also need to identify a leader who is able to wield influence in this area. Once they have done so, students will write a letter to this leader using the lessons that they have learned from studying the influential historical figure to make their argument. They will then need to determine the best way to communicate with this leader (email, twitter etc) and send the letter. (Possible addition: video of students reading letter posted on the class website).


Throughout the project, we will return to the idea of influence. Students will consider how their figure was influential. Was it a good influence or a bad influence? How can we have influence? What kind of influence do we want to have in the world we live in?


This project partly arose out of my desire to help students to grow in their understanding of the world they live in. Understanding our world is important in developing compassion, helps us to engage with issues intelligently, and develops our sense of place, both in history and in the world today. I also hope for students to gain an understanding that history can help us to evaluate, and engage with, what is happening in the world today, as well as give them a sense that they have a voice and can use it.

Middle (6-8)
Language Arts, Social Studies