Peace It Together


What is our responsibility in pursuing peace?


This unit is a critical cross-curricular evaluation of the sources and consequences of conflict. In addition to the driving question, there are a series of guiding questions to lay out the narrative of the unit: Is conflict inevitable? How does the media and public opinion influence our view of war? How might it feel to live through a conflict that disrupts your way of life? How can we support those affected by war? These questions sustain inquiry by presenting unique activities such as discussing chemical warfare and chemistry in war with Peter Mahaffy or hearing stories of kids in war (Kids of Kabul or I Am Malala). Students will then reflect on their giftings and what they can do to help. They will research and share their ideas with the class with the intent of the class choosing one idea to work with. They will then design, create and sell a meaningful item (or activity) to fundraise for those affected by war. The fundraiser would raise awareness of the impact of war as it would be advertised in the local newspaper and shared in chapel.


Students will become servant-workers and justice-seekers. The students will be challenged to see that, as Christians, hopelessness isn’t an answer but that they are to bring renewal and reconciliation to all people.

Middle (6-8)
Fine Arts, Language Arts, Religious Studies, Social Studies