Stepping Up


How can I inspire my classmates towards lifelong activity?


After an entry event, students will understand the rationale behind the project: Many parts, one body. Many players, one team. As a class they will hear stories and talk about being a community of risk takers. They will then engage in a back-to-back protocol to get to the bottom of the purpose of physical education (PE). After discussing the built in flexibility to the PE schedule, students will brainstorm their passions and gifts to generate ideas for how they could contribute to their PE class. After critique and revision from their classmates, they will create a proposal and receive feedback from their teacher. They will then contribute a minimum of two hours to their PE class of what they have discovered about their passions, gifts and abilities.


The phrase “Many parts, one body. Many players, one team.” has really shaped this project. The students will come away realizing that God his given everyone gifts to serve other people, even if they are not the most athletically inclined. They will engage their minds as they plan and discover their passions and gifts. They will nurture hearts as they support each other through protocols and critique/revision. They will shape God’s world as they are no longer bystanders in PE, but taking an active role in making a difference and inspiring their classmates to step out of their comfort zone.

Middle (6-8)
Physical Education