The Beauty of the Sea


What makes the sea beautiful and important?


Our school already has a one day project about the sea in which students visit the water pump station and the sea rescue team. On that day they are also pulling a net through the sea water to see what’s in it. This project will add to that project and have them look at the sea and think for a while about how they feel about the sea. Most likely they will be thinking about all the fun they have had on the beach, swimming and making castles out of sand. The students will be encouraged to talk to their grandparents and ask them about the sea, as well as restaurant owners with restaurants on the beach. The students will also visit the monument close to the sea which is dedicated to all the people who perished in the sea. In the weeks before the beach visit, we will read some poems and stories in class about the sea and invoke wonder about what it is that makes it a beautiful piece of art. After the beach visit, the students will write their own poem or story, print the final version and decorate it with things they found in the sea or on the beach, or with something relating to a story they heard during the project.


The students will learn more from their grandparents and from the history of their home village making them more considerate with their fellow citizens. They also will see how beautiful the sea is and acknowledge that it’s worth their protection by being critical on their own use of plastic.

Middle (6-8)
English, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies