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What pathogens (germs) lurk in our hallways and what are you going to do about it?


Linking the study of the immune system in science to the Black Plague pandemic covered in socials, the project will focus on communicable diseases and what can be done to prevent their spread. After learning about the Black Plague, students will be encouraged to consider other diseases they have heard of. In groups, students will then choose a disease to research. Experts in the field, such as the school nurse and individuals working at travel clinics, will be invited to present to the class and answer questions. To help them relate the topic to their lives, students will also conduct an experiment collecting samples from around the school to culture bacteria to see where they are most prevalent. The class will continue their research to incorporate personal practices that can be applied to prevent the spread of germs. Groups will summarize their findings in a pamphlet and either a poster or slideshow which they will use to present their project to their younger peer buddies.


Students will learn about healthy living practices that will benefit themselves as well as their community. In presenting information to younger peers, students can develop bonds between grades, foster leadership skills, and enhance community.

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