You Will Be Found


How do our experiences of loneliness, temptation, or self-deception, affect how we see ourselves in society today?


This persona project, will allow students to creatively reflect on the major themes of identity, social currency, and personal expression in relation to geography, culture, and society. The students will create an artifact or collection of artifacts that resemble the evolution of their identity and reflect on the perpetuating effects of social media. This project is scaffolded through the study of the play Dear Evan Hansen. The play explores the story of a young man who is unable to make meaningful relationships with his peers as he suffers from social anxiety. Through the study of Evan’s character students will analyze the positive and negative impacts of being self-aware. They will also examine the skills that are necessary to develop in order to be successful 21st century citizens. Students will delve into this theme of persona by identifying expectations in society as well as the expectations they set for themselves; self-inflicted or socially constructed and imposed. They will have the freedom to explore what is meaningful for them when they construct an artifact/collection of artifacts that resemble the evolution of their identity on social media. Their artifact can take form in any of the ways listed below but is not restricted to the following ideas/objects: poem, video, sculpture, musical composition, photographic sequence, collage of objects that are of meaningful, essay, painting, etc.


The exploration of text and story deepens our understanding of diverse, complex ideas about identity, others, and the world. As a Catholic Educator, through our understanding of God as “love,” we are called to love and recognize the dignity of every human. Our school’s mission calls us to work in community with others to serve, and allows us to continue to nurture the gifts that God has given us. By developing self awareness of our persona’s, showing empathy, and exercising compassion, we are conducting ourselves as God’s disciples.

Secondary (9-12)
English, Fine Arts, Religious Studies