What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning is a pedagogy of teaching and learning in which complex questions and real-world problems engage students. Authentic tasks motivate students to think critically, work collaboratively and design creatively as they prepare to share their results with an invested audience. It’s much more than an activity tacked on to the end of a unit – these projects drive the learning through sustained inquiry and student ownership.

Why PBL?

Project-Based Learning provides students endless opportunities for problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Students are engaged and motivated because they have choice in and responsibility for their learning. PBL gives students the freedom to use their God-given gifts and abilities to engage God’s world and transform and impact their communities in meaningful ways.

What educators are saying about Project-Based Learning!

“I loved the practicality of the course. It was something that could be applied into my teaching practice.”
Past Residency Participant
“Well organized. It was interesting and interactive. I loved how they taught us using protocols that we can then use in our classroom. So practical!”
Past Residency Participant
“It was a wonderful jam-packed week and I’m leaving a better teacher!!!”
Past Residency Participant
Project-Based Learning

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