What is Teaching for Transformation?

Teaching for Transformation is an approach to Christian education which encourages schools, teachers, and students to “See God’s Story and to Live God’s Story”. Through intentional planning, implementation, and reflection, educators are invited to play a part in God’s story as they design learning experiences which will challenge students to do the same. With learning design as a foundational element, TfT invites, nurtures, and empowers teachers to create formational learning experiences that will support the development of learning practices.  These learning practices will consistently provide learners with the opportunity to be actively involved in their learning in a way that also shapes students to live God’s Story both now and past graduation.

Why TfT?

Learning is formational. Each unit plan that is created supports learners in their formation. Teaching for Transformation invites educators and leaders to imagine a school where each learning decision is made with both a lens of learning and formation. As a school works intentionally on TfT, learners have the opportunity of being nurtured in their formation over a thirteen year journey. Intentional emphasis on practices which teach learners that they are active participants in God’s Story will, over time, shape the hearts and minds of the learners. Engaging in the implementation of TfT is one great way to intentionally support student and learning in an authentic and empowering way.

What educators are saying about Teaching for Transformation!

“I found this course extremely valuable. I have had exposure to TfT before, but it's felt quite fragmented and surface level compared to what I experienced here. Our coaches were incredible, and did such a great job of inviting us into the Story through TfT."
Past Resident
“This week has not only shaped my teaching, it has also shaped me.”
Past Resident

Covenantal Partnership Track

The Teaching for Transformation course is specifically designed for schools looking to embark on a 3-year professional learning journey. Through the supports of SCSBC we are able to custom-fit a professional development plan for your school. Please note that individual teachers that are not part of a school-wide TfT initiative will be asked to register in a different course.

We are committed to working with schools and educators to develop long-term professional development plans. Through our partnership with Society of Christian Schools (SCSBC) we can support school development plans with learning leaders, Residency coaches and on-site professional development days for schools. 



A covenant partnership would allow schools consecutive access to our Residency week so we can continue to promote deeper learning training for the school’s educators. If a covenant partnership is inline with your school’s strategic growth plan or you are looking to develop a professional learning growth plan for your school, please contact us directly at residency@scsbc.ca.


For more information, contact us at residency@scsbc.ca