What to Expect?




Our biggest aim for your Residency experience is to leave you with something practical! Throughout the week you will learn protocols and activities that you can incorporate into your classroom the first day back and throughout the year.  You will culminate your week with a project and/or reflection on your learning and how it can directly impact your teaching and inspire your students.  We are committed to ensuring your experience will be one of practicality and maximum impact.

Field Trips

The Residency experience is designed to give you practical training in best practices. Whether through the PBL, TfT or Christian Worldview course you will have the opportunity to experience these frameworks first hand through an explorative field trip that will engage your thinking and planning.

Authenticity and Inquiry

In order for us to improve and build upon our practices we need to reflect and ask critical questions that provoke change. This deep authenticity is an expectation of all our participants. Paired with an opportunity for sustained inquiry we hope that the week forms your thinking so you can begin to form the thinking of your students.


Protocols are designed to provide structured feedback on our projects or course work. We introduce and participate in protocols in all our courses as a way to give structured feedback to one another. These protocols will be given to you to use with your students – it’s a lived experience!

Critical Friends

The course you choose will determine the critical friends you journey with through the Residency week and beyond. These friends will provide feedback and perspective to challenge the way you do things. All our critical friends are trained and encouraged to provide warm and cool feedback with the intent of growing you as an educator. 

Breakout Sessions

Breakout session are designed to give you a new perspective in the week. Sometimes we need a break to consider other areas of impact in our courses. Breakout session may include session speakers discussing assessment, global opportunities or personal stories of impact. 

Celebrations of Learning

The week culminates in a celebration of learning. The work that you complete in the Residency week is showcased on our last day together. Celebrations are important – it shows us how far we have come and encourages our colleagues. It is important that we introduce the support you may need moving forward to your peers and administrators.


Not only will you build relationships with your critical friend groups, but you will engage with educators and administrators from all different experiences and backgrounds. As much as this is an opportunity to learn, it is equally an opportunity to connect with fellow educators, administrators and directors. With the rich partnerships developed in the Residency, you will find opportunities to collaborate with others that want to journey with you through your failures and share in your successes.

Graduate Level Training

Our partnerships with ICS and Dordt University add a level of rigor to the Residency. We are excited to connect with higher education institutions to help you along in your professional careers. These universities are committed to work with you if you want to ladder into a Masters’ program. All Residency courses qualify for partial course credit at our partnering universities. Contact us to find out more at: residency@scsbc.ca.