What is Worldview?

Every person has a worldview. Most of the time, we aren’t even aware we have one, we just sort of pick it up along the way. A Worldview is a framework by which we interact with the world. Worldviews contain big things like our identity, values, and purpose, but they are also in the small things, like what we do on weekends. A teacher’s worldview will determine what and how we teach, but it will also shape how we take attendance and set up our classroom.

Why Worldview?

Christian teaching is a lot more than teaching Christian things, it also matters that we teach it in ways consistent with how and why we were made. But this still doesn’t quite cover all that goes into Christian education. To be a Christian school we need more than devotions, Bible classes, and chapels. Our worldview will shape how we teach and what we teach, but it will also affect how we take attendance, practice discipline and talk to the custodian. Our worldview dictates everything we do and even the way we think; this is why it is so important. Clarifying our worldview and aligning it with God’s word is a long process. The Worldview course will be a catalyst to begin, or continue, this journey.

What educators are saying about Worldview!

“This course was so much fun and I thought that the mix of instruction and project time was really well done. I loved that there were so many activities that built community within the classroom that I felt I really got to know both the instructors and the other students. I learned a lot about the importance of worldview and about the different types of reflective practices that you can use with students. Thank you so much for delivering a challenging, productive, and useful course!"
Past Residency Participant
“Changed my life. Not kidding. I have a new perspective on myself as a teacher and as a Christian. This course helped me to reconcile a lot of the tension I feel as a Christian teacher who lives and works in ‘The World.’ I am so so so grateful for [the coaches] for their guidance, coaching, and genuine interest in our development.”
Past Residency Participant
“This course was super eye-opening and challenged me to dive a lot deeper into my faith life and God's calling.”
Past Residency Participant

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