Boring and Snoring or Choosing and Changing

Driving Question:

How can I help plan fun, active Fridays?

Project Description:

One day per week we must have active time but do not have access to the gym. Students will be placed in small groups where they will plan a fun, active in-classroom block of 30 minutes. They will reflect on space constraints, safety, interest, materials needed, time and who will lead/teach each part. The teacher could plan to have the class walk around the track every Friday; however, is there a way to choose and change the activity and/or mindset so it doesn’t become boring and snoring? We will discuss other times in life where we are bored and how we may be to able to choose and change the activity or we what we do in our minds to make these times more positive. Group work dynamics will also be an important focus as this will take place in the Fall.

Connections and Perspectives:

This connects to my school’s September driving question, “How can we make our school the best place for everyone?”, as well as the question, “What makes a community thrive?” The development of group dynamics, planning, leading opportunities and discussions of the broader title Boring and Snoring OR Choosing and Changing are all important aspects of student development.

Primary (K-3)
Language Arts, Math, Physical Education