Rainy Day Games Room


Can we create our own arcade games for a school games room?


After a field trip to a local arcade where students will examine arcade games and hopefully be able to see inside one, students will likely realize that they don’t know what a simple machine is and how it works. Students will be broken down into groups and be responsible to learn and teach peers about a simple machine. The use of exit cards will check for understanding after each presentation in order to determine if reteaching is necessary. We will also take apart an appliance (eg. toaster) to look at the inside and see how it works. Students will then begin planning and developing ideas for their own game that must include at least 2 simple machines and not require electricity to run. Students will make prototypes of their game and test them out. Revision will be necessary as we will use protocols along the way for critique and revision before reaching the end product. Students will present these to the grade 2/3 and grade 6/7 classes and will collectively be able to use these on days when students have indoor recess on rainy days.


As a school community, we see and encourage students coming together and spending time together. This project/product is another “community-builder” as it celebrates students’ achievements and learning that gives back to our community. These games will bless students on those days with indoor recess and build community as students share the games.

Intermediate (4-5)