Hooked on Oil


Can we live without oil?


Some pre-teaching will need to happen so students are aware of the resources in Canada prior to starting the project. Students will then zero on the resource of oil and discuss the reality of our dollar-store disposable society as well as oil pipeline issues. They will learn all about oil – it’s extraction, transport, products, waste, as well as the jobs it creates and it’s usefulness. Students will have a sustained inquiry into industries and professions on industries that rely on plastic products (medical supplies, transportation vehicles, other essential items) as well as those wasteful “useless” products and their combined effects on the environment. Students will then come up with an alternate idea that is better on the environment and present it in a “Dragon’s Den” style.


We believe that our world belongs to God and that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it and we are the appointed caretakers. Technology and products can be a blessing and this project will help students to make informed and responsible choices.

Intermediate (4-5)
Science, Social Studies