Tém:éxw (Tem-ohh)


How can indigenous values inspire us to take care of our world?


The focus of this project is to investigate the values that indigenous cultures (specifically those in Canada) have regarding nature and the care of nature and to see parallels in our own beliefs and to extend this learning into how we can inspire others to take care of the earth in similar ways. The title of this project is Tém:éxw (pronounced tem-ohh) which is the Halq’eméylem word for Nature/Earth.

Launch: Provoking pictures and videos of garbage and waste.
Protocol Discussion: Has every culture/society made this type of waste?
Project: Students will be creating an art project that will should inspire others to be good caretakers of the earth.
Audience: Students projects will be displayed above garbage cans around the school.


Our world belongs to God and we are called as Christians to care for our earth. Our school does an amazing job of reducing waste already; however, if we look at indigenous cultures they used every part and piece for a specific reason. Can we inspire people to create a zero-waste society?

Primary (K-3)
Fine Arts, Social Studies