Big Events … Big Consequences


What components go into considering if a historical event and its consequences are positive or negative?


Students will begin with a 4-Square protocol from the Driving Question. Some possible questions: What makes an event positive? What makes an event negative? What is a consequence? Who decides whether an event is positive or negative? Student groups will collaborate first about the event of “Black Death”, deciding if it is a negative event and what makes it that exactly? After working together, each student will choose their own event in history and determine/identify whether it was positive or negative. Additionally, they must determine/identify if the consequences were positive or negative by responding to and answering prompts from their teacher. At some point, after research, students will go through the Speed Dating or the Gallery Walk protocols. Check-ins and conferencing will be organized by teacher with opportunity for reflection, critique and revision. Students will present Black Death together and then each of their own events individually.


This project connects to listening to multiple perspectives before drawing their own conclusions or being judgmental. Collaborative opportunities allow for open and non-judgmental dialogue.

Middle (6-8)
Social Studies