Becoming Canadian (in 25 Questions)


What defines Canadian identity?


After reviewing the “epic fail” of writing citizenship test on The Amazing Race Canada, students will explore what it means to be a citizen of Canada. In groups, they will brainstorm topics they think every Canadian citizen should know. The students will research government citizenship sites, listen to guest speakers (ie. government leaders, RCMP, Human Rights lawyers, new immigrant parents) and research topics like Canadian history, Canadian government and culture. They will write a new revised relevant Citizenship test that they will give to fellow students to write and maybe submit to local MP for consideration.


The goal of Social Studies is to inspire and direct students to be caring, compassionate, informed leaders in a culturally diverse, interdependent global community. They may have the opportunity to serve others through helping new immigrants or new neighbours understand and feel part of the Canadian family. They will also fulfill the school’s mission to educate and enable students in their social development by discovering what it means to be Canadian.

Secondary (9-12)
Social Studies