My Best Self


What is your hidden super power?


Students will begin the project by exploring and recognizing their “super powers” – positive attributes and skills of self. Students will discuss known superheroes followed by community helpers and the way that people contribute to society. Students will create a question that prompts them to learn and develop a skill/knowledge in a specific area. They will need to seek the help of an expert/mentor to interview, observe and practice with. The skill will need to contribute to the society to help others. The students will document their learning through a blog, journal or YouTube channel etc.; some may also share a physical example (eg. sewing, wood working). Parents, experts and/or mentors will be part of the audience at a celebration of learning event. This project could take up to a full year with documentation happening once per week.


This project takes into account the school values of attachment parent/child relationships. Students are also encouraged to develop/learn a skill that contributes to their community.

Intermediate (4-5), Middle (6-8), Primary (K-3), Secondary (9-12)
Career Education