Who Am I Called To Be?


Who am I called to be?


As an entry event to this project, students will hear three to five speakers share their career journey, with at least one speaker who had some false starts. Students will then receive a calendar to plan their project. They will explore who they are now and who they want to be in 20 years. They will take a personality test to suggest possible career/career clusters. They will then research that career/career cluster and determine the education needed, time commitment, any volunteer/community expectations, etc. They will reflect on whether this choice matches their vision in 20 years. Each student will then interview someone who is working in that field. After some final reflection, the students will produce a poster, slide show or video highlighting their chosen career and present it as a Career Fair to the grade 10/11 classes. The students will determine their own rubric for the project including what makes for a good interview. The Grade 10/11 students will provide feedback to the students after the Fair. A letter will also be sent home to the parents informing them of each students’ job selection and inviting them to also attend the Fair.


We are called to serve, so the research and reflection allows students to envision themselves in the career and if it gives opportunity to serve the larger community in some way.

Middle (6-8)
Career Education