Save Me From the Force


How can forces be used to cause or prevent injury?


Students will learn about forces, and the laws of force and motion, through the design and creation of a piece of safety equipment. Students will have a chance to work in groups to develop and design a product based on the explanation of forces acting on the body.

Phase 1:

Entry event 1: Class will smash some pumpkins in creative ways. Students are introduced to how forces can be destructive and cause injury.
Entry event 2: Check out the school drag racing car and take note of special enhanced safety features. How do these protect someone from the forces of a crash?
Back in class brainstorm different injuries that happen during physical activities and how forces are acting to cause those injuries. Create groups based on similar interests and ideas. (if need for differentiation make groups focus on preventing injury in different body parts.) Have students brainstorm initial ideas.

Phase 2:

Students will create a contraption meant to protect an egg from a 2 story fall. In their groups, each student will have time to share their ideas of how to protect the egg from injury. Students will then collaborate a design and be able to explain how this design is supposed to protect the egg from destructive forces. The students will then jigsaw share with other classmates and receive feedback on their design which they will relay feedback to their group and make any necessary changes to their design. Once teacher has checked it, students will build their structure and have the opportunity to test and revamp it. The students will then drop the eggs and afterward debrief on the successes and failures of each group’s design.

Phase 3:
Students will take the knowledge that they learned through the egg drop and apply it to the design of their real safety equipment. Students will follow a similar design process to create the safety equipment and explain how it will protect against the anticipated forces. Students will also create a sales pitch about why and how their product is necessary and will work.

Phase 4:
Fine Tuning, Panel, and Debrief
Panel could include: local safety inspector, sports trainer, PE teacher, etc.


Students will learn to work together to come up with two project ideas that will improve safety and safety awareness.

Middle (6-8)