Journeys to Canada


How did I come to be here in Canada and how can I help new immigrants or refugees upon their arrival to Canada?


Students will begin their exploration of immigration by going to the Mosaic Burnaby Centre for Immigrants to see and hear about what this organization does to help new immigrants and refugees in Canada. They will research “push and pull” factors – and challenges that immigrants have faced throughout history and perhaps the challenges their family members have faced which have motivated them to move to Canada. Students will choose to interview a family member or a person in their community to gather perspectives and information on their stories – their journeys to Canada. They will read case studies and novels related to immigration and write narratives based on the the interviews they have conducted. We will publish the compilation of stories as a book and sell it. The funds raised will be donated to the Mosaic Burnaby Centre for Immigrants.


Our school’s mission is to educate and enable students in their physical, mental, social and spiritual development. Our school is based on service and giving of ourselves to others which fits with our view that each students is created with a specific purpose and to reflect God’s love to everyone. Students will be involved in showing care and compassion for new immigrants and refugees.

Middle (6-8)
Language Arts, Social Studies