Canada is More Than Maple Syrup


How can exploring Canada’s history like time travellers help us define Canada’s identity today?


Students will individually research a key person or event in Canadian history by taking the perspective of a time traveller gaining “first hand” experience and knowledge. They will explore how their subject impacted Canada, ultimately shaping our nation and influencing it’s identity today. Students will piece together their discoveries to create a collaborative definition of Canada’s identity. Students will use their individual research to create a written description and a puzzle piece of memorabilia (pictures and words). Put together, these pieces will create a Canadian flag visual. Students will see the overview of key points in Canadian history and their impact on our nation today.


Our country is based on a foundation of faith in God. As we explore Canada’s history, we will discuss how key people and events reflected faith in God or Christian values through their actions, which in turn has affected Canada as we know it today.

Secondary (9-12)
English, Humanities, Social Studies